Automatically Delete Old Stuff In Exchange

At my job, we have a lot of automated e-mail messages that fly around, specifically related to automated software builds. I prefer not to read every single one, and these messages are only useful for about 24 hours, so I have set up Exchange to automatically purge these items. Additionally, due to my company's sparse storage provisions, I also used the same feature to automatically delete anything old than 60 days in my trash folder. Here's how:
  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Right-Click the folder you want to have purge and select "properties"
  3. Choose the AutoArchive tab.
  4. Click "Archive... Default settings" and click the "Default Archive Settings..." button.

    1. Choose how often you would like this filter to run.  I like every 1 days.
    2. Don't worry about that "default" setting, all folders have a default override "Do not archive items in this folder" instead of "Archive using the defaults".
    3. Click OK

  5. Now change "Archive items using the default" to "Archive using these settings" and set up how old a message must be before it's deleted.
More information from Microsoft

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