Access Google Reader From The Command Line (links)

If you have access to a terminal but not a real web browser, such as a really really old computer with an Internet connection, then here's how you might access your google reader feeds.

First, I started with a freeshell account from With that account, I had access to the links browser. The default configuration uses aggressive caching, so you'll want to disable that, or else you'll be taken to the log-in screen over and over again:
  • Start links by typing "links" at the command line.
  • press [escape], setup, cache
  • disable aggressive caching
  • press [escape], setup, save settings

I also like to enable color browsing by pressing [escape], settings,terminal options, enable color.

Now, just go to google reader by typing [g] and entering the url "".

Finally, you can bookmark the page by pressing [s].

For advanced users, also check out elinks, which provides a more beautiful browsing experience and also saves cookies between sessions.

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