Backing Up Data In A Chrome Extension (Ears Audio Toolkit)

If you have a Chrome Extension with some state you'd like to back up for posterity, then this trick might work for you. In this case, I'm going to back up Ears Audio Toolkit, an amazing audio Equalizer that allows you to save equalizer presets for every audio device you have.

  • Right-click the extension
  • Choose inspect
  • In the left panel, select Application->Local Storage->chrome-extension://....
From here down.. the directions will depend on the extension. For Ears Audio Toolkit:
  • find the PRESETS key
  • Double click the JSON representing the value of PRESETS
  • COPY/PASTE the giant JSON blob.
Ears Audio Toolkit, offers a $1/month subscription to synchronize your data for you, but it doesn't really support capturing this data for your own personal backup and even versioning it in git. That being said, I strongly support throwing $5 or more at the author to show your support since this effectively bypasses the tool's business model. Also, since this is not really a supported trick, there's no guarantee the author won't change the format of the JSON blob and break this strategy.

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