Git: Resetting a remote branch to a specific hash without a force push

I had a series of commits (including merges) on a branch that I wanted to roll back quickly.  I wasn't able to find any help for this problem that didn't either providing git a bunch of help navigating trees with the git revert -m command or using reset and a force push.  Here's a trick that's very similar to the reset strategy but retains all of the history:

> git reset --hard THE_HASH_YOU_WANT_TO_RETURN_TO # That's our good commit > git rebase -i origin/master # During the rebase, I squashed all but the top commit to make it one giant commit. # Gives us a single commit with all of the things that changed since the good commit. That commit was HASH_OF_ALL_CHANGES_SINCE_GOOD_COMMIT > git revert HASH_OF_ALL_CHANGES_SINCE_GOOD_COMMIT # That makes a negative commit of that one giant commit named REVERT_OF_ALL_CHANGES_SINCE_GOOD_COMMIT > git reset --hard origin/master # Back to reality > git cherry-pick REVERT_OF_ALL_CHANGES_SINCE_GOOD_COMMIT # applies a change that reverts all changes since THE_HASH_YOU_WANT_TO_RETURN_TO
After that, just push!

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