Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Simple URL Redirection Service In Javascript, TinyUrl, You've probably had an opportunity to use a URL Shortening service in the past, but maybe you want one of your own that allows you to create your own custom shortened URLs with coherant names rather than "". Here's how I did it with a small client-side script I added to the index.html for my site 
Just put the following code inside your home page:
<script language="javascript"> var key = window.location.href.split("?")[1].replace("/","") var urls={ 'delicious':'', 'ssh':"", 'blog':"" } if(key){ if(urls[key]){ window.location.href=urls[key] }else{ document.write("'"+key+"' not found :("); } } </script>

Now, all you have to do is edit that "urls" block to add more redirected URLs. Just make sure that each one except the last one should end with a comma (or else it won't work in IE).

I embedded that code directly in this blog. You can surf to and the browser redirects! I redirected to so that you can also surf to to get to the same redirect.

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