Stabilize Your Wi-Fi With CyanogenMod 7

I recently switched from a custom ROM for my phone to CyanogenMod 7.1. Skype seemed to start dropping the connection every time the screen turned off. It turns out that this is a FEATURE of CyanogenMod - to turn the Wi-fi off when the screen turns off to conserve battery life. Here's how to disable this "feature":
  • From the Home Screen, press menu->settings-> Wireless & Networks -> Wi-Fi Settings
  • Press menu->advanced
  • Change "Wifi Sleep Policy" to "Never".



  1. I know it's an old post, but it helped me.
    Thank you. =)

  2. Glad it helped. I think that newer Cyanogenmod versions don't default to this, favoring usability over battery life.

  3. Solved my problem - thank you so much!