Nook Color w/ CyanogenMod: “Your device is not compatible with this item”

The problem is that Cyanogen ships with a display ppi set to 161, but that is an extremely non-standard ppi.   With the most recent Android Market release (I suppose to support Android 4), the market has become more picky about what screen resolutions are supported by which apps.  Here's how to easily fix this problem:
  1. Install LCDDensity
  2. Run The App
    1. Reboot Method=Killall
    2. Set the density to 160.
    3. Tap Apply/Restart
    4. Wait to restart.
  3. From the home screen, Click Menu->“Manage Applications” .  
  4. Click Market
  5. Click “Clear Data“.


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  1. This saved me. I couldn't find much help w/ my device about this. I changed the LCD density on my MyTouch 4G and it prevented me from re-downloading apps that worked fine.