Two Ways To Quickly Create Evernote Notes From Your Browser

Want to be able to create a note in Evernote from ANYWHERE, as fast as you can type an address into a URL bar?  Here's the fastest way I could find to do it.  There are two ways, each with a few trade-offs.  All i had to do was use my little URL shortening service to link to one of these two URLs:

Linking Directly To Gmail
You can find yourNoteAddress by clicking here.

Benefits: Gmail automatically saves the message as a draft while you are working on it.  This way, if you are mid-way through a note and the computer dies or you accidentally close the window, most of your work is preserved. 

Disadvantages: You would be making your secret Evernote address available to the public.  Anybody can push notes into your Evernote notebook.  You need to remember how to use the subject line to add @notebooks and #tags if you need that functionality.

Linking Directly To The Mobile App:

Benefits: It's easier to set up, it's more secure because you have to log in to evernote before you can create a new note.

Disadvantages: it doesn't save your work while you are creating this note, so if you close the window or have a bad connection when you click "save", you may lose your work.

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