Fixing a folder full of MP3 files, some may be broken

I ripped my wife's MP3 collection for use in her phone's shiny new 16 GB SDHC card.  Some of the CDs were scratched, so the mp3 files that resulted weren't all perfect.  This resulted in her phone locking up when I placed the card in the phone.  Here's the set of commands I ran to attempt to repair each of the MP3 files one at a time using two different utilities.
sudo apt-get install mp3val mp3check; find * | grep mp3| while read i; do mp3val -f "$i"; done >> mp3fix.log; mp3check --recursive -Be --cut-junk-start --cut-junk-end --fix-headers --log-file=mp3check.log .; find * | grep mp3.bak| while read i; do rm "$i"; done;

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