Changing The Samsung/T-Mobile Vibrant Calendar Notification Sound

Did you know that the Samsung Vibrant comes with a custom calendar that doesn't allow you to change the event notification sound?  Really lame.  Let's change it.  First, this requires you to have "su" set up which means you need to "root" your phone.  Also, you'll need to have Android Debug Bridge set up and working between your phone and computer, or use a console app to gain console access to your phone locally.  The big problem is that Android doesn't come with a cp command, and the mv command doesn't let you move files between filesystems.  The workaround is to use "dd" to copy a file.
  1. Move the sound you would like to use to /sdcard/sd/notifications/calendar.ogg It must be an Ogg Vorbis sound file (not an MP3 or WAV).
  2. Start a console and type the following..
  3. su
  4. mv /system/media/audio/notifications/22_on_time.ogg /system/media/audio/notifications/22_on_time.ogg.old
  5. dd if=/sdcard/sd/notifications/calendar.ogg of=/system/media/audio/notifications/22_on_time.ogg
That's it!

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