Fixing Evernote's “No snapshot found to upload”

I just upgraded to the latest version of Evernote for Android.  I'm not sure what went wrong, but after the upgrade, every time I tried to create a snapshot note within the app, I received the error message “No snapshot found to upload” right after taking the picture.  The solution: Make sure all pending notes have been sent and then delete the "Evernote" folder on the phones memory card.

Don't worry, all of your data is in the cloud, and whatever was in that folder will be re-created as soon as you start Evernote again.

Update 2010-07-27: Nope.  This didn't help.  The problem came back.  Apparently, if you wait a really long time between taking the picture and pressing "OK" will help.  Apparently, there is a "race condition" where Evernote expects a snapshot to exist as a file somewhere yet the file is still being written to storage.  Apparently, there is a new beta floating about that fixes the problem.  You can get it by surfing to:


  1. Thanks. Found this post in an instant tonight and renewed my faith in Evernote. I had to do a reboot before deleting the Evernote folder since I don't think there is a clean way to exit from Evernote in Android.

  2. That's just I troubled. but It's cleared! thanks.

  3. Didn't work for me with Froyo on the Droid...Grrr.

  4. Beta version didn't work for me but this did:

    1) Uninstall Evernote
    2) Reboot (do not skip!)
    3) Browse SD card for Evernote folder and rename it or delete it.
    4) Install Evernote from the market I tried uninstall/rename/reinstall but it hadn't resolved the issue so I stopped being lazy and rebooted after the uninstall and it worked.

    I have two Motorola Droids (one stock one CM6) both with the same issue and the solution above worked (no beta version needed).

    Hope this helps!

    --Luy from

  5. I noticed it works on my G1 when I have swap enabled and it doesn't when I have swap disabled. It appears to be related to the amount of memory your phone can free up when you're taking the picture.