Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Changing The "Launch By Default" Application Under Android

When there are several applications installed that can perform a certain action such as watching a video or sending an SMS, Android will ask you which to use and provide a check box which will make that choice the default going forward.  If you would like to change the "default application" that opens when you perform an action under Android, just disable the application that is currently the default, and it'll ask you to choose the default the next time. This is especially useful for choose whether Google Voice should be the default SMS application or not.
  • Settings->Applications->Manage Application
  • Select the application that is currently the default.
  • Find "Launch By Default" setting and clear it with the "clear" button.

(re-)Changing the default SMS handler on Motorola Droid - Google Mobile Help
GV Integrates Google Voice into Android


  1. what if you checked the box and chose the android system. i did this when changing my ringtone, now i cant change my ringtone to any ive made recently. how do i undo this???

  2. Brittany, I don't completely understand what you need help with. Can you explain more clearly what you need help with?

  3. Hi,

    I came across an application that eases this pain and does the required superbly. The app is called Default App Manager. You can clear you previous defaults as well as set new ones. Probably this could be useful..


  4. Awesome Lotia - currently I have three fb's on my phone and none are default so when I upload a photo all three upload the photo. Also my text widget is defaulted to the resident text app. Dont want. Hopefully the defaultmanager will save the day! : )

  5. where does android system internally handle the "LAUNCH BY DEFAULT" settings? Is there a central palce where such info is stored?

  6. This blog post explains the one spot where these permissions are handled within the system.

    1. what is being asked is how to remove the launch by default for system phone ringtones. i cannot find this 'app' in applications to edit.

    2. I have the same problem, I accidently selected the default for the system phone ringtones and now I can't access any of my downloaded ringtones. Was there ever a resolution for this? I have a few tones from Zedge that I would like to use and can't see them now.

    3. Hanna, have you tried uninstalling and re-installing zedge? Typically when a new candidate for a launch-by-default is available, the system asks the question again.



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