Enable 30 Second Skip On A Time Warner 6416

It's totally obvious that the remote control on my Time Warner Motorola 6416 DVR has been re-programmed to alter the 30-second forward skip to be a "live" button instead. Live is accessible through the menu or the "guide" feature. Here's how to make it a 30-second skip forward button again:
  1. Press 'CABLE'
  2. Press and hold 'SETUP' until the light flashes
  3. Enter '994'
  4. Press 'SETUP' once again
  5. Enter '00173'(just 173 if that dont work)
  6. Now press the unused button you want it mapped to (I use the "Live" button)
By the way, To get the box to output widescreen, turn it off and press the menu button.

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