Fix The Verizon FiOs Westell 9100em Arp Cache Bug

It seems like the Verizon FiOs Westell 9100em has a very small ARP table that ages out old IP address ->mac address mappings before the lease has expired on those IP addresses.  The symptom is that over time, you can't ping any device on your wireless network.  You get a "host not found" or "destination host unreachable".  One way I was able to solve this without introducing additional complexity (another wireless router) was to simply increase the frequency with which all machines must renew their IP addresses.  The default is 24 hours, so I reduced it to 6 hours.  Here's how:
  • Log into your Westell 9100em (
  • Click advanced->IP Address Distribution
  • Click the "edit" button next to "Network (Home/Office)"
  • Change the TTL from 1440 to 360
  • Apply

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