Big Visible Cruise Web Updated!

I just updated BigVisibleCruiseWeb!  I created this tool as a cross-platform web-based clone of the C# "Big Visible Cruise" as a way to monitor the status of all of your builds across any number of build servers.  It has support for filtering (with regular expressions passed in the URL) and hiding (via a menu driven interface) builds you don't care about, and a mini mode for embedding on your project wiki.  Here are some of the new features:
  • Now includes an embedded Jetty server so you just kick the jar off to start it instead of having to deploy a .war file.
  • It now builds with maven.
  • Cruise/Hudson build feeds as well as the bvc server port can be configured on the command line.
  • Better command line logging.
If you use CruiseControl or Hudson to automate your build process, check this tool out because it only takes seconds to get up and running!

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