Editing Firefox Globalstorage Data

Firefox allows web sites to store data in an area called "globalstorage", and in more recent versions of Firefox (3.5+) it's called LocalStorage.  As of Firefox 3.5, it's very difficult to edit/delete that data.  Fortunately, you can use an SQL editor to get to that data because it's stored in a standard SQLLite database.  Here's how to do it in Ubuntu (the directions aren't that much different for other Operating Systems).
  1. Back up the file  ~/.mozilla-firefox/randomcharacters/webappsstore.sqlite
  2. Install "sqllitebrowser" from the Ubuntu Package Manager.
  3. Run Applications->Programming->SQL Lite database browser.
  4. Click file->open database
  5. Browse to ~/.mozilla-firefox/randomcharacters/webappsstore.sqlite
  6. Click the "Browse Data" tab
  7. The domain associated with the data is written backwards.  Simply click the record you want to delete and then click the "Delete Record" button.  
  8. Click file->save
  9. You don't need to restart firefox to even see the effect, just refresh the page.

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