Why I like Java Better than C#

It might be...
  • goto-free,
  • no need to type "virtual" over and over and over...
  • The option to use checked exceptions
  • Java Extensions
  • StrictFP for REAL floating Point Math
  • Dynamic Class Loading, even over a network.
  • Anonymous Inner Classes
  • Static Imports (useful in unit testing)
  • Fully cross platform, and has complete first class support for OpenGL and several windowing toolkits for a native look and feel across all platforms.
  • I have a choice between several very rich development environments such as Netbeans, Eclipse, jBuilder, Bea, and Oracle Developer.
Plus, if you don't like the language, just use a different language that compiles to JVM such as Groovy, Jython, Javascript, jRuby, etc, and mix and match your code from Java and these other languages (but C# allows that through the CLI).

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