Making the Belco Mips 400 Netbook Work For Me

I just got a $150 Belco Mips 400 netbook. Now, for $150 don't expect anything close to a real computer, but this device comes with two very important applications: the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the Sylpheed mail client.

Configuring The Sylpheed Mail Client
I succssfully configured AOL, Gmail, and my corporate Exchange server to connect this device and read all of my e-mail offline. To do that, there are a few interesting hacks you must do:

AOL and Exchange require a properly formatted domain name to be specified to send mail. The Belco Mips 400 comes configured to send "(none)" instead. To fix this:
  1. Open The Mail Reader
  2. Click Configuration->Edit Accounts
  3. Choose You Mail Accounts
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Specify Domain Name such as awesome. Just make sure that it only contains numbers and periods.

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